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Technical Innovation

Technology Innovation

"Technological innovation" is the soul that runs through Wanhe. Up to now, Wanhe has 33 advanced technologies in the field of kitchen and bathroom appliances. It has led or participated in the national standards of gas water heaters, gas cookers and disinfection cabinets. Grass and revision, with more than 1,200 patents, represents the frontier of China"s gas appliance technology. “National Enterprise Technology Center”, “Clean Energy Academician Expert Workstation”, “Postdoctoral Research Station”, the industry’s first The “South China Household Appliance Research Institute Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Gas Appliance R\u0026D Center”, which is a combination of production, education and research, has settled in Wanhe.


Some companions are around, some companions can"t see, but they can inadvertently touch the heartstrings and let the warmth of the sun blend into the heart. Wanhe and customer service center, our smile and intention, not only "listen" to get.

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